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SPIN-PET Lab in Pontedera

Spinpet has a Laboratory equipped within the CERFITT / PONT-TECH Incubator, via Rinaldo Piaggio n. 32 – 56025 Pontedera (PI)

TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis TGA)

It allows to measure the decrease of weight of the sample as a function of temperature, at the same time identifying both the emitted volatile matter and the inorganic residue. It can perform analysis such as: polymer components, presence of humidity residual solvents.

DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)

instrument in which the specimen is subjected to a flow of heat controlled in an inert atmosphere of nitrogen. Thermal analysis based on enthalpy changes that can be used to obtain information on characteristic temperatures (melting, crystallization, glass transitions); melting heat (enthalpy), crystallization, transition and reaction; crystallinity degree of semi-crystalline substances; resins and adhesives crosslinking.


Is a tool that is used for determination of the melt fluidity of polymer materials according to ISO 1133 or ASTM D1238. The instrument allows to determine MVR (Melt Volume Rate) and its performance as a function of time for the evaluation of the stability of the material.


Tool  used to determine the tensile properties of polymeric materials is elastomeric and thermoplastic (Young’s modulus, elongation and stress at yield and elongation at break and stress) according to ASTM D638 legislation

Brookfield Viscometer

Tool that allows to measure the viscosity of liquids and polymeric materials in the molten state, to vary the mixing speed and the type of rotor used. This tool is very useful for assessing the reactivity, the resins pot life since it is possible to acquire viscosity curves as a function of time. The viscosity range determined is between 15 and 2,000,000 cP

UL94 apparatus

Tool used for determination of the fire resistance of polymeric materials according to UL-94 rules. The test can be performed both horizontally and vertically by determining the class of flame retardancy of the material.


Tools used for the separation, and then determinations both qualitative and quantitative, of mixtures of polymeric unknowns by the use of selective solvents

IZOD pendulus

Tool used for the determination of the Izod impact strength of polymeric materials. This tool allows you to determine the impact strength according to ASTM D256 and ISO180. The presence of manual carver allows to perform the test with or without notch of the specimen

Injection molding

tool for the preparation of standard specimens of various sizes starting from pellets or flakes of polymer material virgin and recycled

Compression molding

tool allows to prepare samples and specimens of standard dimensions, also in film shape, by diecasting of the polymeric material

Analytical Scale and densimetric scale

accurate tools for mass determination and density (densimeter kit)

UV-VIS spectrophotometer

Tool used to make both quantitative and qualitative, of substance in the solid and liquid state. The presence of the integrating sphere allows for color analysis according to the CIELAB both of the liquid state samples in the solid state

Infrared spectroscopy

Tool that allows to identify unknown substances, qualification of materials and the determination of concentrations. The ATR accessory also allows to directly employ the material in the solid state in order to analyze the surface.

Brabender plastograph- batch mixer

Tool used for the preparation and mixing of polymeric materials in the molten state. This tool allows you to simulate in laboratory scale all the processes of mixing and compounding. This mixer can also be used for the production of samples, for reactive processes and to test the processability of thermoplastics and elastomers ,loaded or not, allowing to record the curve of the torque as a function of analysis time

Twin-screw extruder

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