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Main activities:
  • Innovative Formulation of polymeric materials ,polymeric compound, structural and functional (nano)composites
  • Consulting, problem solving e feasibility studies
  • Characterization, material analysis services and processing of polymer and (nano)composites
  • Physical-chemical analysis of materials
  • Recycling and upgrading of post use/consumption plastic material
  • Patent, prototype and industrial processing of material
Customer of SPIN-PET services are active entities in the field of polymer based new materiass of interest for large companies ( papermaking , polymer manufacturing ) and protyping ( batteries, special glasses, metal recovery, coating , palstics and rubber products) Future industrial application are expected to regard also:
  • use of new materials and processes developed through research activity
  • earning from proprietary patent licensing
  • sale of patents
SPIN-PET   distinct characteristic in respect to competitors derives from the in house possibility to propose innovative  modification   agents and additives produced in collaboration with the Society Member AUSERPOLIMERI SPIN-PET operative methodology towards new materials with predesigned performances  follows a definite scheme  according to the line “Product/technology/Market”. This approach is rendered efficient thanks to a network of cooperation agreements with complementary Companies IN the so called B2B /business to business ) approach SPIN-PET is technically connected with Companies active in plastic and polymers recycling with the objective to direct the  upgrading processing and formulation towards  features related to the desired application The more frequent SPIN-PET client is the Company interested to obtain  through the study and the protopization of an innovative and “green” polymer based material a validation confirmation and a route to the industrial production of the material and items thereof.